October 19 - 20

CONFERENCE OF YOUNG SCIENTISTS (The Thirteenth Marzieiev's Reading)
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Laboratory of the social determinants of children health

The Laboratory was established in 2003 under the leadership of N. N. Sysoienko, Candidate of Sciences (Medicine).

Since 2008 S.V. Hozak, Doctor of Sciences (Medicine), is a head of the Laboratory.
Tel.: +38 (044) 559-14-90 ; e-mail :

The main scientific activities:
Physiological-and-hygienic substantiation of the regulations of the educational loads on the children for the development of the state educational standards;
Substantiation of the regulations for the hygienic assessment and examination of the educational programs, pedagogical technologies, tutorials;
Study of the regularities of the children health formation under current conditions of the education modernization;
Development of the new technologies for the preservation of the children health during their study at the educational institutions based on the forecast of the adaptive-reserve capabilities of the organism, increaseof its functional reserves, impact on the risk factors;
Development of the criteria for the assessment of the adaptive capability of the childrens organisms to the load impact of the harmful factors of school environment during the educational process;
Development and introduction of medico-educational criteria and screening tests of the assessment of the adequacy of the existing educational loads, programs, innovative teaching technologies that meet the gender-age functional capabilities and psychophysiological characteristic properties of the children;
Hygienic support of design and maintenance of the educational institutions.

The most significant scientific achievements
The researches of the Laboratory
developed the criteria for the assessment of the educational reforms in Ukraine;
established the regularities of adaptation and formation of the health of the students of different age groups in the period of modernization of education in Ukraine under conditions of various forms of teaching and physical education;
substantiated the criteria for the hygienic support of the vital functions of the children with various disorders in the state of health, the students of special boarding schools;
developed the criteria for the assessment of the educational programs on physical education of the students;
developed the program Beautiful Posture of the Child for prevention and correction of the disorders in locomotor system of the senior pre-school and school age children;
developed the conceptual approaches to the hygienic principles of physical education of the children at the educational institutions.

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