October 19 - 20

CONFERENCE OF YOUNG SCIENTISTS (The Thirteenth Marzieiev's Reading)
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Laboratory of chemical materials safety

The Laboratory was established in 1963. In different years it was headed by V.M. Chekal , Professor, Doctor of Sciences (Medicine); O. I. Voloshchenko, Professor, Doctor of Sciences (Medicine).

Now O.M. Holichenkov, Candidate of Sciences (Medicine) is a head of the Laboratory.
Tel .: (044) 513-40-48, e-mail:

The main scientific activities:
Assessment of the safety for human health of the new chemical materials and agents, based on them (plastic, building, construction, furniture materials, polishing agents, varnishes, paints, pastes, materials for clothes and footwear, sanitary equipment, etc.), polymer materials for food packaging, perfumery- and- cosmetic production, household chemical agents;
Development of new methodological approaches to the assessment of the safety for human health of the products of household chemistry, perfumer- and cosmetic agents, polymer and synthetic materials;
Improvement and development of the alternative methods for the study of safety and efficacy of the products of perfumery- and -cosmetic industry;
Sanitary-and-chemical and toxicological research of the new raw materials for the prediction of the risk of negative effect of their finished products on human health;
Development of principles and criteria for the regulation of chemicals in order to protect the population health under conditions of mass introduction and use of new chemicals, polymers, household chemical agents;
Study of the toxicity of the combustion products of polymer and synthetic materials;
Establishment of the regularities of chemical stability, accumulation and migration of the harmful chemicals from the new chemical materials, preparations and products in human environment;
Development of the methods of chemical-and-analytical analysis of chemical materials, polymers, preparations of household chemistry;
Development of the recommendations on the harmonization of the Ukrainian legislation with the current EU requirements to the perfumery- and- cosmetic production, means of household chemistry, polymer and synthetic materials.

The most significant scientific achievements:
The researchers of the Laboratory :
developed the new methodological approaches to the assessment of the effect on human health of the cosmetics, household chemicals and ingredients, used in these categories of products;
performed toxicological- and- hygienic assessment of the thermal degradation products of the most commonly used building materials;
developed a method of sanitary-and-chemical assessment of the combustion products of polymer building materials and express method for the determination of their risk class;
investigated the toxicokinetics of the extraction of organochlorine compounds,formed during their combustion; studied the toxicokinetics of the formation of carboxihemoglobin and substantiated a dose-time load with carbon monoxide on the white mice;
performed a hygienic regulation of the varnish-and-paint materials for building by sanitary-chemical indices and indices of safety of the products of their combustion in accordance with the current requirements (EU standards);
developed the methodology for the measurement of the odorous substances (terpenoids) mass concentration in the air of the settlements in the areas of the location of the enterprises of household chemistry and in the indoor air of residential and public premises by the method of gas-liquid chromatography.

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