October 19 - 20

CONFERENCE OF YOUNG SCIENTISTS (The Thirteenth Marzieiev's Reading)
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Laboratory of Toxicology

The Laboratory was founded in 2005.
L.V. Tomashevska, Professor, Doctor of Sciences (Biology) is a head of the Laboratory.
Tel .: (044) 574-00-86, e-mail:

The main scientific activities:
Assessment of toxicity and danger of the chemicals by toxicometric parameters of acute toxicity;
Experimental study of bioeffects of the impact of the environmental factors;
Cause-effect violations in the organism in the aspect of dose (concentration, level) - time effect dependence;
Study of behavior, distinctions, and mechanisms of toxic effects of the environmental factors;
Methodical development of the conception of the biological indication of the danger of the environmental factor effect;
Dynamics of the development of the adaptation processes determined by external effect;
Rationalization and forecast of the formation of structural- and -functional changes of homeostasis;
Substantiation of the criteria for the hygienic assessment of the complex effect of physical or chemical environmental factors.

The most significant scientific achievements
The researchers of the Laboratory:
determined the regularities and mechanisms of the formation of bioeffects of the electromagnetic radiation of different frequency ranges depending on the frequency, level of intensity, and time of exposure;
determined the dependences of the functional state of the organism under real conditions of the joint effect of electromagnetic and ionizing radiation at various ways of Cs137 intake in the organism;
determined the characteristics and regularities in the formation of early structural-and-functional disorders in the organism at the joint effect of physical and chemical factors with different primary mechanisms of biological effect (EMR and chloroform);
developed a conception of the biological indication of the markers of the reproductive system, obtained the patent N 68686 "Method for the Determination of the Disorders of the Generative Function at the Effect of Unhealthy Environmental Factors";
determined a state of the biochemical processes at the effect of the anionic surfactants in epicutaneous intake;
determined the parameters of acute toxicity of carboxylates of biogenic nanometals on the basis of food acids and chronic effect of the agents on the basis of nanosilver for the substantiation of the possibility of their use as the trace element impurities;
determined the toxicological characteristics of the effect of drinking water of non-standard composition of mineralization for the hygienic substantiation of the safety of the use in drinking water supply.