October 19 - 20

CONFERENCE OF YOUNG SCIENTISTS (The Thirteenth Marzieiev's Reading)
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Laboratory of soil and waste

The Laboratory was established in 1931. In different years it was headed by L. I. Rozov; S.Ya. Naishtein, Professor, Doctor of Sciences (Medicine); H.Ya. Chehrynets; M. P. Vashkulat, Doctor of Sciences (Medicine).

Since 2003 the Laboratory is headed by V.V. Stankevych, Doctor of Sciences (Medicine).
Tel .: +38 (044) 559-50-36, e-mail:

The main scientific activities:
Creation of the effective system of the introduction into practice of the scientifically based innovative technologies in the field of waste management;
Hygienic assessment of the technologies for the collection, transportation, sorting, decontamination, disposal and recycling of solid domestic and industrial waste (wastewater and its sludge, cattle-breeding waste, etc.) and their possible use in agriculture;
Scientific substantiation of sanitary-and-hygienic requirements to the location and design of the enterprises for the processing of secondary raw materials and performance of sanitary-and-hygienic assessment of the products made of it;
Development of the maximum allowable and approximately allowable concentrations of chemical substances of the anthropogenic origin in soil;
Development of the hygienic measures on the improvement of soil quality as a main factor of the impact on the environment of human vital functions;
Scientific and practical substantiation of the use of pesticides, organic and mineral fertilizers, sewage sludge on the agricultural land and assessment of their impact on the health of the population;
Sanitary protection of soil in the areas of irrigated agriculture in case of the use of sewage water from live-stock and poultry enterprises;
Sanitary protection of soil under conditions of the multifactorial effect of chemical and biological, especially helminthological, factors;
Hygienic assessment and optimization of the "green" agriculture technology;
Development of software, scientific-and-methodic, methodological, and normative documents on the protection of soil.

The most significant scientific achievements
The researchers of the Laboratory
substantiated scientifically a necessity of the performance of complex hygienic assessment of soil quality at the territory of the settlements by the foreground parameters: physical-and-chemical (salts content of heavy metals), helminthological, and microbiological;
substantiated scientifically and improved a system of sanitary-and-epidemiological measures in the sphere of handling with solid waste;
for the first time substantiated scientifically the hygienic standards for the allowable levels of the petroleum products in soils taking into account as oil type and the conditions of their use;
according to the requirements of the international legislation in the sphere of handling with toxic waste, substantiated the scientific approaches to the determination of the risk class of the industrial waste by the integral indices, including their toxicological, epidemiological and radiological characteristics.