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Laboratory of carcinogenic factors

The Laboratory was established in 1960. For more than 30 years it was headed by N.Ya. Yanysheva, Professor, Doctor of Sciences (Medicine).

Since 1991 I.O. Chernychenko, Professor, Doctor of Sciences (Medicine), is a head of the Laboratory.
Tel.: +38 (044) 559-34-45, e-mail:

The main scientific activities:
Study of the industrial enterprises, electric power plants, vehicles, etc. as the sources of the contamination of the environmental objects with the chemical carcinogens; evaluation of the carcinogenicityof the products of the industrial and domestic purpose, development and evaluation of the measures for the elimination of the carcinogenic compounds from the human environment;
Development of the methods (or modification ofexisting ones) for the determination of the carcinogenic compounds in various environmental objects;
Regulation of the carcinogenic compounds under conditions of isolated, combined, and complex effects and substantiation of their maximum permissible concentrations in all environments and foodstuffs;
Study of the regularities of spatialand-temporal distribution, transformation, and circulation of the carcinogens in the environment;
Epidemiological studies of eco-dependent oncologic pathology among population, determination of the contribution of the carcinogenic factors in its formation;
Determination of the real load of the carcinogenic compounds on human organism taking into account their content in ambient air, indoor air of residential, public and industrial premises, drinking water, food, smoking products, assessment of the risk for the population;
Improvement of the methodological approaches and principles of the hygienic standardization of the carcinogenic dangerous factors in the environment; development of the accelerated methods of testing and hygienic standardization of genotoxic carcinogens.

The most significant scientific achievements:
The researchers of the Laboratory
created a database of the content of the carcinogenic compounds of the classes of the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, nitrosamines and heavy metals in the emissions of the enterprises in various branches of industry, electric power plants, vehicles, resources and products of their thermal processing, environmental objects, products of industrial and domestic purpose, agricultural products, foodstuffs of plant and animal origin,etc.;
for the first time in the world developed theoretical and methodological foundations of the hygienic normalization of the carcinogenic compounds in the environment, substantiated the hygienic standards of the carcinogens, foreground for the environment, in ambient air, indoor air of the industrial premises, water and soil; determined the principles of the normalization of the carcinogenic compounds in the foodstuffs;
established a presence of dose - time dependencies between the level of the contamination of the environment with the carcinogens and levels of cancer morbidity ; substantiated the approaches to the determination of the contribution of the environmental carcinogens in the formation of oncologic pathology in the population;
developed methodical approaches and theoretical principles of testing and selection of the carcinogenic hazardous substances and accelerated hygienic normalization of the genotoxic carcinogens;
studied the hygienic aspects of the circulation of nitrogen-containing compounds in the environment and the regularities of exogenous and endogenous synthesis of carcinogenic nitrosamines from the precursors; proved their carcinogenic danger manifested in the induction of system neoplasmsin the experimental animals;
established the dose-time regularities of the development of genotoxic and immunologic reactions according to generally toxic, pre-tumor and tumor morphological changes under conditions of the effect of chemical carcinogens and toxic substances.