October 19 - 20

CONFERENCE OF YOUNG SCIENTISTS (The Thirteenth Marzieiev's Reading)
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Laboratory of electromagnetic radiation

The Laboratory was set up in 1965 under the leadership of Yu. D. Dumansky, Professor, Doctor of Sciences (Medicine).

Since 2014 V.Yu. Dumanskyi, Doctor of Sciences (Medicine), is a head of the Laboratory.
Tel.: +38 (044) 559-29-90; (044) 574-01-00, e-mail:

The main scientific activities:
Study of combined and joint effects of electromagnetic and ionizing radiation on the organism;
Study of the distribution of electromagnetic radiation from mobile equipment (cellular, trunking, paging, satellite), TV centers, transponders, radar stations, transmission lines and other facilities;
Determination of the load of electromagnetic radiation and its effects on health of the population;
Determination of the levels of electromagnetic radiation from the computer hardware and Wi-Fi radio devices in the laboratory experiment and in the classrooms of the educational institutions;
Study of the effect of electromagnetic radiation, generated by Wi-Fi devices, on the morphofunctional state of the experimental animals;
Study of the effect of the foreground factors (50 Hz magnetic field, noise,SF6 gas), created at the operation of the equipment of cable lines with a voltage of 110-330 kV, on the organism;
Development of the electromagnetic field hygienic standards for the population;
Development of the new and improvement of the existing normative documents on the regulation of electromagnetic radiation.

The most significant scientific achievements:
The researchers of the Laboratory
developed and approved in the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine and the USSR over 30 hygienic standards included in the "State Sanitary Norms and Rules for the Protection of the Population from Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation," State Sanitary Norms and Rules 239-96, and more than 10 guidelines on the regulation of electromagnetic energy in the settlements, emitted by the radio-technical facilities and electroenergetic ones of various types and purposes (power lines and transmission stations, radiostations, TV centers, radars of the meteorological service, civil and military aviation, centers for the regulation of the movement of vessels, aircrafts, means of cellular, satellite, trunk communication, information-and- technological tools used in teaching processes at secondary schools;
developed and introduced into practice the hygienic recommendations and requirements on the location and operation of electrical, radio equipment under conditions of modern settlements;
developed the hygienic standards of 50 Hz magnetic field for the territories of different functional purposes (for city building, outside it, for agricultural territories, territories difficult of access);
developed and tested the methodical approaches to the establishment of the hygienic standards for electromagnetic radiation of cellular radiotelephones of cellular and trunk communication;
developed and tested the measures for the protection of the health of the population from the exposure of the anthropogenic electromagnetic radiation.