October 19 - 20

CONFERENCE OF YOUNG SCIENTISTS (The Thirteenth Marzieiev's Reading)
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Laboratory of settlements planning

The Laboratory was founded in 1931. In different years it was headed by V. I.Palhov, Professor, Doctor of Sciences (Medicine); Ye.S. Lakhno, Professor, Doctor of Sciences (Medicine); V.I. Bulhakov, Doctor of Sciences (Medicine); I.S. Kyreieva, Doctor of Sciences (Medicine).

V.M. Mahniuk, Doctor of Sciences (Medicine), is a head of the Laboratory.
Tel.: + 38 (044) 559-34-63, e-mail:

The main scientific activities:
Scientific substantiation of the hygienic requirements and norms of planning organization and territory building taking into account directions of the reformation of the economic complex, the development of the new forms of activity, a change of the principles of town-planning;
Development of modern methodology for complex hygienic assessment of environment and health of the population for medico-ecological zoning of the territories of national, regional and local levelsfor the substantiation of sanitary-and-hygienic requirements to the town-planning of the territories;
Improvement of sanitary classification of the industrial enterprises and other industrial objects taking into account the introduction of the current technologies and capacity;
Hygienic assessment of the new forms of building of the city territories and substantiation of the recommendations on the expedience of their introduction into practice of town-planning;
Hygienic substantiation of the requirements to planning of resort-recreational territories and sanitary institutions under current conditions of the development of recreational sector;
Improvement of sanitary legislation and regulatory-and-methodological basis in the sphere of the hygiene of planning and building of the settlements, industrial and resort-and-recreational territories;
Scientific sanitary-and-epidemiological examination of the schemes and projects of regional planning, city general plans, projects of location and construction of residential, industrial, resortand-recreational, communal objects, etc.

The most significant scientific achievements:
The researchers of the Laboratory:
solve the most urgent sanitary-and-hygienic problems of urban and rural building, improvement of the settlements, regional planning of the territories taking into account the development of industry, resort-and-recreational sector, environmental protection;
solve complex problems on sanitary-and-hygienic substantiation of the measures for the territorial complex schemes of nature protection and schemes of the development and location of the productive forces (Donetsk district in the city of Zaporizhia), the general scheme of planning of the territory of Ukraine, the general plan of the city of Kyiv for the period up to 2020, investigated a hygienic efficiency of the realization of the general plans of a number of the industrial cities of Ukraine.;
substantiated the hygienic recommendations on the optimization of the indices of populations density in the residential districts of large city and planning of the limitation of city streets with different traffic intensity, developed the hygienic requirements to the location of the enterprises of low capacity of various industrial branches and sizes of sanitary-and-protective zones (SPZ) for them, substantiated the normative SPZ for the objects of drilling of gas wells, wind-power stations.
The researchers of the Laboratory pay a great deal of attention to the development of normative and methodical documents.