October 19 - 20

CONFERENCE OF YOUNG SCIENTISTS (The Thirteenth Marzieiev's Reading)
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Research and- Coordination Department

Organizational- and- Methodical Department appeared in the structure of the Institute in 1951. In different years it was headed by I.P. Pihyda (1951-1973), Associate Professor, Candidate of Sciences (Medicine); Ye.M. Vainrub (1973 -1992), Doctor of Sciences (Medicine).

Since 1992 R.V. Savina, Doctor of Sciences (Medicine), is a head of the Department.
Tel.: + 38 (044) 559-81-19, e-mail:

The main scientific activities:
Planning, coordination and control of the performance of the scientific research;
Planning, monitoring and reporting on the introduction of the scientific investigations into the practice of public health and economy of Ukraine;
Preparation and realization of the scientific congresses, conferences, seminars, meetings, etc.;
State registration of the scientific-and-research developments of the Institute;
Formation and support of the hygienic certificates database for the Registration Centre of the State Sanitary-and-Epidemiological Service of Ukraine;
Scientific support of the Environmental Health Expert Problem Commission of the Ministry of Public Health (MPH) and the National Medical Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NAMSU), specialized commissions of the MPH of Ukraine on the development of the regulations on communal hygiene, hygiene of children and adolescents, hygiene of nutrition;
Organization of the participation in the exhibition activity of the country for the promotion of the scientific production of the Institute;
Publishing-and-editorial activity;
Presentation of the information on the results of the most important scientific research of the Institute for the management bodies;
Organization and performance of the internal Institute competition of the scientific projects, registration of the inventors applications at the NAMSU;
Maintenance of the scientific relations with the institutions and the departments of Ukraine;
Metrological support of the scientific-and-research works, routine calibration of the equipment used by the researchers at the Institute;
Organization of reference-information fund of the Institute and ensuring of the conditions for its use;
Information support of science-and-research works of the Institute at all stages of their performance;
Performance of information- and- patent studies at all stages of research performance;
Identification and protection of the intellectual property rights in order to raise the level of scientific-and -technical level of the research;
Support of the information resource of the Institutes web-site;
Scientific development of the historical aspects of the environmental health hygiene.